Michael Torregano Jr., The M. Teezy Project (Independent)

"The great New Orleans electric violin player Michael Ward preferred the term “contemporary instrumental music” to what has commonly been called smooth jazz. Ward’s description applies well to pianist/keyboardist Michael Torregano Jr.’s album The M. Teezy Project. Michael Jr. hails from the talented Torregano musical family recognized for their work in the traditional jazz realm. His father is pianist Michael Sr. and his uncle the late clarinetist Joseph Torregano."

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The M. Teezy Project
Carrie - WWOZ

""The M Teezy Project
is an 11-track album with an extraterrestial modern jazz sound. Torregano is not afraid to try new things, and mixes in unexpected instruments to send listeners into outer space. 'Next Level,' 'Night Inspiration,' and 'Funk in F Minor' are three prime examples of this. 'Kepler 186f' is a tune named after the first validated Earth-size planet deemed to be in the 'habitable zone' by NASA. The other worldly sounds stretch into the keys-driven 'Always Chasing' and 'Martian Waltz.' Torregano takes on a smooth R&B influence with 'That Girl' and the saxophone flies on 'I Have Arrived.' The M Teezy Project concludes with vibrant party sounds on 'Hurricanes and Handgrenades,' taking listeners to Bourbon Street during Carnival time."

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